Strategic location

Strategic location


the only country in Latin America with access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, multicultural and with a wide range of financial and investment opportunities.

Uraba Free Zone is located in Urabá region , 308 kilometers from the city of Medellín, one of the most prosperous areas of Colombia, characterized by its business dynamism, economic growth, social and demographic development.

It is a land, air, sea and fluvial terminal, and it also enjoys exceptional conditions thanks to the Gulf of Urabá and numerous fluvial connections. Due to its privileged geopolitical position, Urabá contributes significantly to the development of foreign trade, thanks to its proximity to the markets of Central America, the United States, Asia and the Panama Canal.

Land connectivity through 4G highways : Mar 1 and Mar 2 highways (maritime exits to the Atlantic and Pacific) and Toyo tunnel, a macro infrastructure project that seeks to interconnect Valle del Cauca, Eje Cafetero and Antioquia with the Atlantic Coast, East West and the Caribbean Sea).

Proximity to the Golden Triangle (Medellín-Bogotá-Cali), benefit for the main production centers and ports of Colombia.

We are located in the municipality of Apartadó, the epicenter of the economic, social and industrial development of Urabá.

18 kilometers from the logistics and port platforms of Zungo, Nueva Colonia.

We are equidistant from the two maritime logistics platforms with Single Inspection Zones authorized by the MINCIT.

16 km from Los Cedros de Apartadó airport, located in the municipality of Carepa.