Zona Franca Permanente de Urabá S.A.S


Was designated as the operator user of Uraba free zone and, by virtue of this, the following functions were delegated:

Direct, manage, supervise, promote and develop Uraba free zone

Carry out control of goods entry and exit operations to and from Uraba free zone, and issue the integration certificates.

Qualify industrial and commercial users.

Within a free zone there are four types of users:

Tax benefits

1 %
Single Rate of Income Tax for industrial users of goods and services
0 %
Duties on Foreign Goods
0 %
VAT on Purchases of National Goods
years of exemption in the payment of Industry and Commerce for new industries.

Customs benefits:

Customs extraterritoriality.

No payment of customs duties for goods from the rest of the world.

Completion of temporary regimes in the Free Zone.

Authorization for a limited time of departures to the national customs territory (Colombia) for repair, maintenance or partial processes of goods or merchandise from the rest of the world without the need to pay taxes or nationalization.

Unlimited time storage of goods from the rest of the world, which benefits the user's cash flow since they can nationalize their goods destined for the national territory as their market requires.

Grouping of several transport documents in the same declaration, which guarantees agility in customs processes.

The merchandise movement form acts as an export declaration (This document is generated from the Free Zone computer system, which is fed from each industrial or commercial user and approved by the operator user).